Musik in Nebel (Fog Music)
5:00 PM17:00

Musik in Nebel (Fog Music)

JUNE 30: Musik in Nebel (Fog Music)
Scottish Rite Theater, 5pm
exploring improvisation and ambiguity
with Liminal Sound Series

Christine Burke half murmur
Alan Retamozo Temblor*
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Evolutionen*
Jeff Snyder Substratum**
Camila Agosto Chain Reaction
Vinko Globokar Kaleidoskop im Nebel

*commission and world premiere
**world premiere of new arrangement

In collaboration with Liminal Sound Series
Nicholas Perry Clark, conductor

Musik in Nebel (Fog Music
) explores music that is largely improvised, ambiguous, and inspired by stream-of-consciousness composition. We present two brand-new commissions by local composers, Alan Retamozo and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, as well as a commissioned arrangement of a concerto for pedal steel guitar by Jeff Snyder featuring Bob Hoffnar, Director of the Liminal Sound Series.

The music that Density512 plays is generally notated with great complexity. Musicians struggle to try and replicate the sounds that are exactly what the composer intended. But some composers take a different approach, by giving the performers more control. Camila Agosto's Chain Reaction is a series of musical images that the players interpret simultaneously. In Christine Burke's half murmur, the composer supplies a page with specific directions for all the instruments and gives them seconds of time to elaborate on what she's written. We end the show with Vinko Globokar, a trombonist, composer, and wild improviser. His work, Kaleidoskop im Nebel (Kaleidoscope in fog) fits with the other works as it is a stream-of-consciousness collage of sounds. The music is comprised of intricate instrumental techniques, peculiar percussion resonances, and even coughing and laughing from orchestra members as if we have stumbled into the middle of Globokar's improvisatory creative space. 

Made possible by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.


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Silent Films Out Loud
6:00 PM18:00

Silent Films Out Loud

JUNE 14: Silent Films Out Loud
The Blanton Museum of Art, 6pm
three Buster Keaton Films
new scores by local composers

The High Sign (1921) scored by Dave Madden
The Goat (1922) scored by Jackie Myers
Neighbors (1920) scored by Dave Biller

Hosted by Silent Films Out Loud
Jacob Schnitzer, conductor

Taking on this season of summer blockbusters with a “Buster” of their own, Silent Films Out Loud returns for a third time to pair the original scores of Austin composers Jackie MyersDavid Biller and Dave Madden with the short films of Buster Keaton. The pioneering pictures include 1920’s Neighbors and two releases from 1921 - The Goat and The High Sign - enhanced by a live orchestra to accentuate each action, sync with every stunt, and get in on each gag.

Local orchestra Density512 is on board once again to complement the cinematic spectacle and give star billing alongside Keaton to the varied styles and sounds of each composer. Myers is a pianist, organist, composer, and singer known for her bluesy vocals and innovative and fluid keyboard work as well as serving as musical director on Kansas City NPR affiliate KCUR’s syndicated program 12th Street Jump, five albums and work with Austin musicians such as The Lonesome Heroes and Doug Strahan & the Good Neighbors. She returns to Silent Films Out Loud this summer with her score for The Goat. Having shared the stage with artists as diverse as country legend Ray Price to Jimmie Vaughan to Billy Gibbons and joining Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival in 2013, Biller is a guitarist, steel guitarist, bassist and composer highly sought after for all kinds of recording sessions and live gigs. He has prepared the score for Neighbors this year. An award winning arranger and keyboardist, Madden is also a member of the Recording Academy and has collaborated with legendary rock icon Steve Miller, platinum-selling band Fastball and Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh in addition to hosting his very own TED Talk. His score for The High Sign will be his first for Silent Films Out Loud

Silent Films Out Loud is presented in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and One World Theatre.

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Evan Lawson’s Orpheus
to Jun 6

Evan Lawson’s Orpheus

JUNE 5-6: Evan Lawson’s Orpheus
Imagine Art, doors at 7:30pm/opera at 8pm
new opera and
prismatx series preview

In collaboration with prismatx ensemble
Evan Lawson, conductor
EURUDICE Jill Suzanne Morgan, mezzo-soprano
ORPHEUS Michael Dixon, tenor
CALAÏS Mikhail Smigelski, bass-baritone

Monteverdi. Lully. Telemann. Rameau. Gluck. Haydn. Offenbach. Stravinsky. Glass. The tragic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice has been celebrated by musicians for as long as we have had means to do so. But what about Orpheus's affair with fellow argonaut, Caläis? In a preview of our upcoming prismatx series (creating music inspired by art), we present Evan Lawson’s Orpheus, a new opera inspired by this little-known love triangle and a reaction to the censorship of queer elements in Greek mythology.

"Since the Victorian era, many Ancient Greek myths have been hijacked and altered to have any references to same-sex relationships or gender fluidity removed. Many people aren’t aware of the diversity in ancient myths that explore varying types of human sexuality and gender. In my exploration of the lesser known parts to the Orpheus myth, I was fascinated to find out about his relationship with fellow argonaut Caläis. In some sources, his love for the young man was deeper than his love for Eurydice. It provided me with a fascinating viewpoint on the love triangle at the core of the myth, and a fascinating love triangle to explore onstage.” -- Evan Lawson, Orpheus composer.


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