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Local Composer Presentation
David Adams: Concerto for Horn and Chamber Orchestra

Sunday, October 28th @5:30pm
Bates Recital Hall

The horn is done. It’s had enough. It’s tired of bending to the will of the orchestra, always playing by their rules. And in David Adams’s new Concerto for Horn & Chamber Orchestra, it won’t have to. Here, the horn creates the universe - a big bang born of horn physics, and the orchestra had better hold on for dear life, because for this piece, untamed sounds are woven into the fabric of their world.  With elements of blues and funk, a 142-bar fugue, and over a half hour of music, you won’t want to miss this one-of a kind premier.  


Sunday, December 16th @4pm
Big Medium

Density512’s Mad King weaves a tale of monarchy, madness, anachronism, and palace intrigue. Witness a head of state, King George III, train birds to sing and deteriorate into a disturbing state of insanity in Peter Maxwell Davies’s masterpiece of musical-monodrama Eight Songs for a Mad King. Discover the sweet counterpoint of Musica quince vocum attributed to the princess nun Leonore D’Este (1515-1575). Contemplate the connection with your darker self in Peter Maxwell Davies’s Tenabrae Super Gesualdo, an ode to the composer and Prince of Venosa who famously murdered his wife and her lover. Not for the faint of heart, Mad King is sure to be a thrill.




Thursday, February 21st @6:30pm
Sunday, February 24th @4:00pm

The Blanton Museum of Art

Inspired by the Ellsworth Kelly’s newly implemented work, Austin, we present a concert on the boundaries of religion centered around a favorite of the Density512 team, Igor Stravinsky. This concert will juxtapose some of Stravinsky’s earlier work with his Catholic mass and four brand new Density512 commissions including a a new oratorio by Ben Stevenson. Works by Adeliia Faizullina, Akshaya Avril Tucker, and Ben Stonaker have also been commissioned to write the first round of a new commissioning project, Symphony of Proverbs. Local pianist, Martin Kesuma also joins Density512 to perform Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Winds. Come see this evening of Austin musical stars!