Like a Religion


Like a Religion

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Thursday, February 21st @6:30pm
Sunday, February 24th @4:00pm

The Blanton Museum of Art

Igor Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments
*Adeliia Faizullina/Akshaya Avril Tucker/Ben Stonaker: Symphony of Proverbs, part 1 
Igor Stravinsky: Mass
Igor Stravinsky: Concerto for Piano and Winds
*Ben Stevenson:  oratorio commissioned by Density512

* denotes world premiere performance and Density512 commission

Inspired by Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin and the music of Igor Stravinsky, Like a Religion explores the boundaries of religious and secular life. We’ll present two of Stravinsky’s early secular works, Symphonies for Wind Instruments and the Concerto for Piano and Winds, alongside his Catholic Mass for choir and wind instruments. Local composers Adeliia Faizullina, Akshaya Avril Tucker, and Ben Stonaker showcase religious diversity by each writing a movement of the Density512 commissioned Symphony of Proverbs. To close the show we’ll give the world premier of Ben Stevenson’s oratorio for winds and choir (also a Density512 commission!) that expresses the impact of his religious beliefs.

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