Stack Overflow - Thursday, June 14th


Stack Overflow - Thursday, June 14th

from 5.00

4th Tap Brewing Co-op, 8pm
10615 Metric Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

The first concert of a new series curated by Composer-in-Residence José Martínez, Stack Overflow explores acoustic music combined with digital audio processing and video. With the help of cables, computers, screens, and audio equipment, our live performers expand the realm of musical possibility to perform on newly created "super instruments" that redefine the scope of classical music.

James Parker: Serrat
Alto Saxophone and electronic delay
Sarah Hetrick, saxophone

Kay HE: In the Rainfall of a Chinese Garden
Marimba and live electronics
Evan Bright, marimba

José Martínez: Burst
Violin and live electronics (4 channels)
Sara Sasaki, violin

Chris Ozley: Ouroboros
Fixed media
Griffin Hanson, live-video art

Felipe Tovar-Henao: El Carnaval del Diablo
Clarinet and fixed media
Iván Valbuena Paez, clarinet

Louis Andriessen: Workers Union

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