Sunday, December 16th @4pm
Big Medium

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Density512’s Mad King

weaves a tale of monarchy, madness, anachronism, and palace intrigue. Witness a head of state, King George III, train birds to sing and deteriorate into a disturbing state of insanity in Peter Maxwell Davies’s masterpiece of musical-monodrama Eight Songs for a Mad King. Discover the sweet counterpoint of Musica quince vocum attributed to the princess nun Leonore D’Este (1515-1575). Contemplate the connection with your darker self in Peter Maxwell Davies’s Tenabrae Super Gesualdo, an ode to the composer and Prince of Venosa who famously murdered his wife and her lover. Not for the faint of heart, Mad King is sure to be a thrill.

Purcell/Peter Maxwell Davies: Fantasia on a Ground and Two Pavans
Leonore d’Este: 3 Motets from Musica quinque vocum
Peter Maxwell Davies: Tenebrae Super Gesualdo
Carlo Gesualdo: O vos omnes
Peter Maxwell Davies: Eight Songs for a Mad King

Alex Bumpas, Baritone
Jacob Schnitzer, Conductor

2018-2019 SEASON