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On Saturday, September 22nd, 7-11pm @ 4th Tap Brewing Company, Density512 will team up with Graham Reynolds, HUB New Music, One Ounce Opera, and composer Kenneth Froehlich to tell the story of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, whose mathematical work gave rise to mid-19th Century mechanical computing and provided the foundation for the inventions we rely on today. 

Kenneth Froehlich: Finite Differences
Version for soprano and string orchestra commissioned by Density512
Presented in collaboration with One Ounce Opera.

Graham Reynolds: The Difference Engine
Presented in collaboration with Graham Reynolds and HUB New Music.

Called "the quintessential modern composer" by the London Independent, Austin-based composer-bandleader-improviser Graham Reynolds creates, performs, and records music for film, theater, dance, rock clubs and concert halls, with collaborators ranging from Richard Linklater and Jack Black to DJ Spooky and Ballet Austin. His triple-concerto for piano, violin, and cello THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE is "inspired by the ferocious pace of both Babbage’s thinking and the calculating speed of his invention." The performance will also serve as the celebration for the updated release of THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE on vinyl, via Sonic Surgery Records and pressed with brand new re-mixes from Orión Garcia (Peligrosa) and Demián Gálvez (Centavrvs).


FINITE DIFFERENCES by Kenneth Froehlich, tells the story of Ada Lovelace, a woman born to a noble English family in 1815 who is recognized by some as the first computer programmer. Librettist John Grimmett writes that  “Kenneth saw a story in Ada that needed to be told, and soon, I began to see it for myself: a constant struggle for a young woman who could understand numbers beyond most of our abilities yet had so many words and feelings inside of her.” Orchestrated specifically for Fast Forward Austin 2018, this performance of FINITE DIFFERENCES is a collaboration between One Ounce Opera and Density 512.